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Cocktail connoisseurs cook in a glass

cocktail connoisseurs cook in a glass

Excitingly aromatic, exclusively exotic: for all friends of the professional mix-drink is the 13. May a festive day: the world cocktail day – world cocktail day. To celebrate the mixed drink with fruit, fruit juice, syrup and alcohol (or even without), the two 29-year-old bartenders christoph koll and sven goller from bamberg give an insight into their craft.

If someone comes to your bar and orders a vodka redbull…

Sven: … Then we say that unfortunately we did not drink energy drinks.

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The new fire station can grow

The new fire station can grow

For the 40 active members of the niederfullbach fire department, the construction of a new fire station is the fulfillment of a rough wish after a long time. After the old fire station, located near the park and close to the niederfullbach castle, had fallen into disrepair and was no longer able to meet the requirements, the municipal council had wrestled with it for a long time. There was a long search for a suitable location. But rebuilds are also being considered. Finally, the location next to the bakehouse was chosen.

The selection of the architectural firm and the approval and grant applications also took a lot of time, as the mayor martin rauscher emphasized at the laying of the foundation stone, which was attended by many people from niederfullbach and delegations from the surrounding area. The head of the municipality spoke of a modern century building according to the latest findings, which should still perform its service in the next century. The architecture and the roof set a sign for a time.

The new accommodation of the fire department, which is built by a local company, costs over 1 million euro. But this is an investment in the future that is worthwhile. Only a small subsidy is received from the state, and the community has to pay the lion’s share out of its own pocket to finance the project, as the head of the municipality noted. The first cut of the spade took place already some weeks ago in the small circle.

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Hiking through the wine country

Hiking through the wine country

At the 2. And 3. November will find the 35. Traditional weinland hiking days with evening hikes in volkach and the surrounding area held. The hiking friends of volkach-obervolkach with their chairman wilhelm thurn invite you to this popular hiking event.

According to thurn, it is the ideal event for joggers, nordic walkers and pleasure hikers. His thanks to all the companies, private individuals and the city of volkach for calling for the hiking days. The patronage has taken over the volkach councilman werner burger and promises in advance an unforgettable stay at the mainschleife.

Culinary delights

Here, franconia bundles all its beauties and offers its guests unforgettable impressions. No question that especially hiking enthusiasts got their money’s worth at any time of the year. In addition, culinary delights and excellent wines were prepared for the wine hiking days.

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Ex-nordbank boss will be allowed to keep million-dollar severance pay

ex-nordbank boss will be allowed to keep million-dollar severance pay

A deadline within which the bank could reclaim the more than four million euros expired on 15 june. December, it was announced on monday in reports from NDR info, the NDR "schleswig-holstein-magazin" and the "suddeutsche zeitung". A spokesman for the hamburger finance authority confirmed the media’s investigations on request. Charges of breach of trust and accounting fraud have been brought against nonnenmacher by the hamburger public prosecutor’s office.

A clause in the contract with nonnenmacher stipulates that the compensation can only be reclaimed if new information comes to light that was not known at the time the termination agreement with nonnenmacher was concluded, the spokesman explained.

The chairman of the supervisory board of HSH, nordbank hilmar kopper, explained that for legal reasons the board could not comment on details of termination agreements or on the decision-making process within the supervisory board. However, he gave the following assurance: "the supervisory board will closely monitor the progress of any criminal proceedings against former members of the bank’s board of management and take timely measures to prevent the possible expiry of claims for damages against former members of the board of management."

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Greek parliament investigates tax scandal

greek parliament investigates tax scandal

This decision was made by the parliament in athens early friday morning after a 16-hour debate, some of which was stormy. The committee’s report should be available in about five weeks.

265 deputies voted in favor of setting up the committee of inquiry against papakonstantinou. This far exceeded the required number of 151 of the total of 300 deputies, according to the parliamentary prasidium. If the committee finds sufficient evidence, the parliament must then decide whether to lift the 51-year-old’s immunity.

The accusations are harsh: the former finance minister is accused of falsifying data and breaching his duties. Papakonstantinou is said to have deleted the names of relatives from a file of suspected greek taxpayers with cash deposits in switzerland. He headed the finance department in 2010, when the list was first handed over to greece by the then french finance minister christine lagarde.

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Annual conference on urban development in bad kissingen: infotour for urban planners

annual conference on urban development in bad kissingen: infotour for urban planners

For decades, the car has been the dominant means of transport in germany. The number of registrations has been rising for years. There are currently more vehicles registered in the district of bad kissingen than there are inhabitants. This development is detrimental to the quality of life in places where inner cities are choking on traffic or communities are calling for bypasses because noise, dirt and traffic congestion are getting out of hand in the city. "The willingness to take it for granted is dwindling", says the president of the government of lower franconia, eugen ehmann.

What can mayors, councils and city planners do to relieve congestion in urban centers and how can they ensure that cities remain vibrant and people are mobile?? These and similar questions were the focus of the annual conference on urban development to which the government of lower franconia invited guests yesterday in bad kissingen. The motto this year: city, country, mobility. "A broad topic that is currently being discussed in depth", says ehmann. Around 220 guests came to the tattersall, including mayors, district councillors, planners and employees from the administrations.

There are many conflicting interests in this topic. Drivers complain when they do not get a parking place. Pedestrians complain when a car clogs the sidewalk and cyclists complain that driving on the roads is subjectively becoming more and more dangerous. "And yet the car must always be there when you need it", ehmann describes the dilemma. Simply locking cars out of towns and cities is not a solution. "But we can’t go on like this either", he emphasized.

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Boccia is now played in reith

Boccia is now played in reith

The town hall meeting in reith, a village with a population of 386, was well attended and lasted an impressive three and a half hours. Currently, in reith, the site clearance for the expansion of the company ACO in the industrial area is underway. At the reither muhle a new solar light and in the fire station a new heating system were installed, the costs for this amounted to about 30 000 euro. At the sports field, the playground was spared and a bocce court was built, a pergola was renewed through the regional budget. Another project is the renewal of the wooden walkway at the reither muhle "thulbataler" to.

Debate about council decision

The statements of mayor mario gotz were followed by a discussion. Werner lamer said that his proposal for the construction of a photovoltaic plant had been dealt with in five minutes at the municipal council meeting. A dazzling effect, like that of the 2. Burgermeister had presented, there was not. Mayor gotz pointed out that this had already been discussed in the non-public part due to property issues. "Since I was directly attacked, I would like to clarify that when letters to the editor are written, they must also correspond to the truth", argued jurgen kolb. He argued that a photovoltaic system that is almost as large as the village next to it is simply oversized. Due to the location of the flats, the landscape has also been disturbed immensely. Sascha markert said that there were enough roof areas that could be used.

No litter bins

Berthold glockner liked to have litter bins at the oak tree near the schutzhutte and on the way to frankenbrunn. Gotz pointed out the decision that no waste bins would be installed. Hikers brought the things with them and could take them home again in the same form.

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