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Sea of flames at nairobi airport

Sea of flames at nairobi airport

The fire had broken out early in the morning in terminal 1 of jomo kenyatta international airport for reasons that are still unclear and had spread rapidly.

According to the authorities, there were no victims. The airport is considered one of the largest and most important in africa.

"At first there was just a bit of smoke, but after ten minutes everything was burning," said airport employee dennis kariuki. It took firefighters and emergency personnel several hours to bring the sea of flames under control.

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Schutzen untersteinach: that’s the sound of solidarity

Schutzen untersteinach: that's the sound of solidarity

Numerous individuals, local associations, friendly societies, the community, the district – the willingness to donate for the "schutzen" was and is "overwhelming", as guard chairwoman inge winkler emphasizes. "I am completely thrilled", says the untersteinach resident and explains that friendly guardian associations have even organized real campaigns in order to be able to financially support the untersteinach colleagues. Because the insurance sum covers the damage of more than 300,- euro.000 euro not.

Naturally, the guardians have also become active themselves. So they have a "battlefield" hosted at the clubhouse of the untersteinach brass band, numerous burgers turned up not only for the culinary delicacies and added a generous tip.

The biggest benefit event for the schutzen so far will take place next sunday in the school gym: the untersteinach brass band, the untersteinach choir and the "frankensima" philipp simon goletz invite to a rough charity concert.

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Franconia-saxony express: railroad calls for dialogue

Franconia-Saxony express: railroad calls for dialogue

"As always in life, where there are challenges, you sit down at a table – and I’m confident that we’ll be doing that in the coming weeks.", said grube on monday in nurnberg. He is confident that a solution will be found. "Because where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if we want to move the project forward together, we’ll find a way", said pit.

The german railroad announced that it would discontinue the franken-sachsen-express next year due to cost considerations, prompting local politicians in upper franconia to take action. They point out that, in this case, upper franconia would only be connected to nurnberg by a regional express train that runs every two hours. The bundeslander sees the DB in the duty for the franken-sachsen-express.

Grube, on the other hand, is counting on commitment from saxony and bavaria, as he made clear in a letter to federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) the previous week. The two states now had to agree on a joint rescue concept and bear the costs for it, he had emphasized. Due to deficits, deutsche bahn is no longer prepared to operate the interregio service between nurnberg and dresden from 2013 onwards. This, together with the regional express, currently still provides a one-hour service on the route to and from upper franconia.

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“Factory platform” returns to kronach

At the "werkbuhne fur den landkreis kronach" (theater for the district of kronach) there will be some changes in 2020. This was explained by director and chairman daniel leistner at the annual general meeting of the associated "werkbuhne e" association.V.": on the one hand, the theater will return to the county seat of kronach. On the other hand, the performances will no longer take place in the spring, but in the fall.

The whole thing is a return to the roots, after all, the origins of the "werkbuhne" lay in the past in kronach, and before the move to marktrodach in 2016, they had always played in autumn. "The date is simply better, because many more people go to the theater. Besides, there are less other groups playing at that time", daniel leistner explained the reasons for the move. At the previous venue in the restaurant "stegner’s" in marktrodach however, one had been fixed on the dates in march, since the hall is otherwise used elsewhere – therefore now the change of location.

Venue has been found

A new venue has already been found in the district town, but daniel leistner did not want to name it publicly yet, as a few things still have to be finalized. So far, no exact dates have been set. "But it will probably be november", he announced. More details will be announced shortly.

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