Will norbert kastner run again in 2014??

Will norbert kastner run again in 2014??

The SPD city council faction held regular elections for the new faction leadership on the agenda. The incumbent executive committee was unanimously confirmed: chairman remains thomas nowak, his deputies continue to be andreas gehring and gabriele morper-marr; the latter is also still treasurer. Stefan leistner, who is also chairman of the coburg branch of the SPD and was considered a possible "crown prince" when he was elected two years ago, will continue to serve as secretary of norbert kastner (SPD), mayor of oberburg since 1990, was traded. But maybe the enjoyers don’t have to look so fast, because kastner is running again in the 2014 municipal elections?

Thomas nowak, who first described the result of the board election as an "expression of gross unity as well as "consequence of a very successful local political work for coburg" the news from the city of thessaloniki naturally also took a look at the ballot box event two years ago. He announced: "together with our mayor norbert kastner and our second mayor norbert tessmer we will continue our way and bring coburg further forward!" and he said: "we will go into these elections very well positioned in terms of content and personnel – with the goal of improving the result of 2008 once again."

In his report, thomas nowak had pointed out some aspects that were particularly important for the SPD faction: "we have developed a long-term concept to demand early childhood education and are implementing it very successfully. The focus is on quality and reducing the size of the group trenches. In the coming year, we will be able to offer a daycare place for almost every second child under the age of three. We invest in education, training and qualifications." everyone, nowak stressed, must get a chance at a good education as a start in professional life. All age groups of the population also had to be enabled to use their skills and contribute to the well-being of society.

"All are needed"

"no one must be lost, everyone is needed", nowak shouted to the comrades. And: "we work together with all population groups, with trade and industry, and with business – and we have set ourselves the goal of further increasing the attractiveness of the city of coburg as a place to live and work."