Lake gets a ventilation system

Lake gets a ventilation system

Fish die more and more often in dredging lakes in the district due to lack of oxygen. This was also the case last year at the messelausee in the hainert district, which the nassachtal fishing club from knetzgau leased from the town of habfurt. Now the association wants to install a power-driven ventilation system and gets support from the city of habfurt.

In the meeting of the finance and main committee of the habfurt city council, mayor gunther werner (WG) reported that the association wants to install an aeration system in the lake for about 7000 euros. Because it is located in the nature reserve "mainaue bei augsfeld" lies, arrangements had to be made especially with the higher nature conservation authority (government of lower franconia in wurzburg). The costs for the construction of the power line were estimated by the association at 9000 to 10 000 euro. "The angler friends nassachtal are not a club from habfurt. However, it is in the interest of the city of habfurt that our water is in a good condition", according to the mayor.

The veterinary office has pointed out that fish are vertebrates, for which unnecessary suffering must be prevented at all costs. Therefore, the city of habfurt should provide the necessary cable, the cost of which was estimated at a maximum of 3000 euros, to the association. Thus, the city would remain the owner of the cable in the event of a change of tenant.

"A solar plant to produce the electricity is not sufficient", said dietmar will of the building and environmental administration in response to a question from klaus hammelbacher. "Because the ventilation should take place all year round, even when the sun is not shining." of course a ventilation system is only an "emergency nail". Since the dredge ponds are man-made, nature will eventually reclaim the land, will explained. On the other hand, fish certainly felt pain that had to be prevented. Even a short-time aeration by the fire department, as suggested by eva-maria schwach, does not bring any improvement.

Some city councillors warned that the association should not put too many fish, because they multiplied quickly, and that there should not be additional feeding as well. Will explained that the problem is "highly complicated" and it would be difficult to hold the leaseholder responsible. Since the messelausee is a "gem" be, the city should support the project. So the committee unanimously decided to provide the club with the necessary power cable.

The city council also decided positively on the grant application of the TV habfurt. The club wanted to convert the floodlights to LED and erect two more masts on courts two and three to ensure that games and training sessions could take place. The cost is around 87,000 euros and after deducting input tax, the basis for calculating the 20 percent city subsidy is around 76,500 euros. Thus, the committee granted a claim for a maximum of 15,300 euros.

Furthermore, the committee approved the 1. Fc habfurt a grant of 3000 euro to buy a lawn mower tractor for 41 650 euro. It is a condition that the club takes out insurance against theft, robbery and comparable damage. Manfred stuhler initially spoke out against this passage. However, the tractor will receive a license plate, so that coverage is possible via partial coverage insurance. The decision was unanimous.