Happy day for the floriansjunger from enheim

happy day for the floriansjunger from enheim

"Finally, we can put our new fire truck into service today", said ulrich falk, chairman of the enheim firefighters’ association, at the beginning of the ceremony in the firefighters’ council building. The floriansjunger in the martinsheim district acquired a used fire engine mercedes LF 8/6, which had previously been used by their comrades in wiesenbronn. Priest uwe stradtner blessed the vehicle with the registration number KT-EN-200 and mayor rainer ott handed over the symbolic key to the commanders norbert meeder and markus gumpelein in front of many burghers.

Norbert meeder confessed to having longed for the day with both laughing and crying eyes. The LF 8/6 is equipped with breathing apparatus, can carry a ladder, has a 600-liter water tank and an emergency generator. Since the rescue kit with spreader and scissors is too big for the LF 8/6, it will now go to the martinsheim fire department.

"Now it’s not so cool in the squad car", said norbert meeder, because now the times with the hanomag, which was only equipped with a tarpaulin, are over. As rainer ott explained, the municipal council had unanimously approved the purchase, and after three quarters of a year of waiting, the people of enheim were able to pick up the LF 8/6 at the beginning of the year. "It’s a challenge for the enheimer wehr", said ott, it was important to get fit for respiratory protection. The fire department has 13 young firefighter candidates, and firefighting will now become more attractive for them in particular.

Chairman ulrich falk went on to say that farsightedness was shown in the construction of the fire station, because the LF 8/6 fits easily into the fire station, which had not been the case with the hamomag in 1976 in the former fire station next to the milk collection point. "Our fire station is rough, we can always use more active and young people", said falk. He informed that the training room could be equipped with new technology thanks to a donation of the raiffeisenbank kitzinger land, of which the festival visitors could make themselves a picture.

"I wish you with the vehicle all the time good trip and the fire brigade always enough active, the vehicle occupy", district fire inspector dirk albrecht addressed the enheimer. He emphasized the importance of volunteers in the fire department and presented a small cash gift from the state firefighters’ association. Uwe stradtner asked that the firefighters approach their tasks with courage and energy, in accordance with the fire department motto: "god be honored – the next in line to defend us".