Wirecard investigation committee resolved in the bundestag

Wirecard investigation committee resolved in the Bundestag

The bundestag has resolved to set up the planned committee of inquiry into the wirecard scandal. The afd, FDP, greens and left voted in favor of the committee in the bundestag on thursday.

The union and SPD government factions abstained. The necessary approval of at least a quarter of the 709 members of the bundestag had thus been achieved by far and was even clearly exceeded.

The investigation committee is to clarify the extent to which the federal government and authorities were informed about events at wirecard and whether they fulfilled their supervisory duties. It is to have nine members, but they have not yet been officially named. The committee can question witnesses and experts and demand to see files. The constituent meeting is scheduled for next thursday (8 a.M.).10.) planned.

In june, the now insolvent payment service provider wirecard had admitted to air bookings of 1.9 billion euros. Munich public prosecutor’s office assumes that wirecard has been reporting fake profits since 2015. The damage to the lending banks and investors could add up to 3.2 billion euros.