What happens on vacation

What happens on vacation

The audience of the two performances of the theater group "curtain up" enjoyed leaning back and having fun in the fully occupied gymnasium. With the three-act play "wellness with side effects the actors, under the direction of holger zwirlein, succeeded in scoring a hit, which was rewarded by the guests with hearty and long-lasting applause.
For the third time in a biennial cycle, the amateur drama group presented a comedy, the proceeds of which were donated to the charity kindergarten in love. The facility can use all the support it can get, as kindergarten director daniela koch emphasized at the end of the performance. "We like to get involved for a good cause", replied holger zwirlein, himself chairman of the sponsoring association for many years and this time not only a player but also a director.

Proud of the troupe

"since april we first rehearsed in the kindergarten. After the reading we studied individual scenes and finally act by act. It was difficult to find suitable dates for all of them. Only seven times we were full. We were only able to rehearse twice on the stage in the gymnasium. Nevertheless it worked out very well. I am proud of my troupe", so zwirlein after the opening night.
A special challenge was the stage design, as zwirlein began. Instead of a standard living room, a modern hotel had to be created. "We are very grateful to the furnishing house angermuller for the furniture, fensterbau schuler for the terrace and holzdesign plescher for the scenery. The local clubs also helped us with sound and light equipment", said the director.
The comedy takes place in a wellness hotel, where the married couple eva and hugo haberstich, who are friends (ulrike breuter and holger zwirlein) as well as monika and kurt kleiner (gudrun schaller and christian daller) spend a weekend together. The women black from the young masseur pascal stark (sebastian dees) "with his magic hands that give new life". The men seek adventure in the nearby nightclub, where they admire the dancers and even bring a bra to the hotel. Where to hide and what for?

Tricky situations

ingenuity is needed. The young, attractive carpenter sonja (nora sebert) shows up and takes advantage of the tricky situation in her own way. But they get a strong ruffle from the resolute housekeeper mrs. Schrubbmeier (monika rettke), who watches over cleanliness and order, so that all the guests can feel good. While the women are dreaming of dinner, the men are totally dissatisfied with "portions for the hollow tooth" and "cheap meat as a rip-off". The evening can not end like this.

Frustrated women

the women are drawn to the hotel bar: better one champagne too many than one too few. The men go on a pub crawl with the masseur. Totally drunk they return and fall into the double bed to sleep off their drunkenness. To make matters worse, mike (christian burigk), the room girl’s lover, shows up from the night club to bring the "souvenir" to make sure. Soon the women will return. With monika takes with "O, this manner" the exchange becomes more and more, while eva adds: "only the gynaecologists are seriously concerned with us, and that against money."
the events overtake each other. The "corpus delicti is found. Tursteher mike turns into a spanish torero to fight for the bra. The two former husbands – slowly getting back into shape – slip into women’s costumes to escape the punishment of their wives. The huge chaos matures – how could it be otherwise – into a happy ending to forgive all the arger and the new bond between zimmermadchen and masseur to celebrate.
Benedikt kessler led through the evening. Together with his brother andreas and tobias kessler he was in charge of the technical equipment, which worked perfectly. Maria wahler stood by as the prompter. "All mastered their text perfectly. The intensive learning and rehearsing was worth it. I hardly had to help", she grasped as "life insurance together.
When asked about a new theater piece in two years, holger zwirlein was reticent: "that’s still a long way off. In any case, this time it was again a great pleasure to exercise and perform with the group. Come time, come advice."