Weather in franconia: will there finally be more rain next week?? The weather update

weather in franconia: will there finally be more rain next week?? The weather update

Desert climate with dry air and forest fire risk is predicted for the weekend. According to the weather expert stefan ochs from herzogenaurach, at the moment it looks like tomorrow, saturday, a few cloud fields from southern bavaria (humid air) will spill over to the north.
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Tomorrow sunday there will be no more clouds at all. Also on monday and tuesday it remains cloudless. Then the high temperatures rise even a little bit from 24-25 to 26-27 degrees. The strong northeasterly to easterly wind, especially during the day in boen, eases on tuesday.

Wusty dry

The air will be much drier tomorrow, the dew points drop from 9 to 0 degrees. On monday and tuesday there is again a little bit more humidity in the air. But the bottom line is that it is still wintry dry with very high evaporation rates. One wonders how the young cereal plants are supposed to survive this drought, when the first problems can already be seen.

On wednesday we will be in a low pressure trough. The weather models expect the formation of isolated rain showers. Without a change of air masses this is rather improbable because of the preceding dryness. Depending on the sunshine duration, 18 to 25 degrees will be reached.

On thursday, an atlantic cold front crosses us, with the following cold air coming in rather shallowly. This points to a strong west wind, as well as to cloud fields, which bring only little rain. Maximum 20 degrees.

After that the next high builds up fast with us.

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