The new fire station can grow

The new fire station can grow

For the 40 active members of the niederfullbach fire department, the construction of a new fire station is the fulfillment of a rough wish after a long time. After the old fire station, located near the park and close to the niederfullbach castle, had fallen into disrepair and was no longer able to meet the requirements, the municipal council had wrestled with it for a long time. There was a long search for a suitable location. But rebuilds are also being considered. Finally, the location next to the bakehouse was chosen.

The selection of the architectural firm and the approval and grant applications also took a lot of time, as the mayor martin rauscher emphasized at the laying of the foundation stone, which was attended by many people from niederfullbach and delegations from the surrounding area. The head of the municipality spoke of a modern century building according to the latest findings, which should still perform its service in the next century. The architecture and the roof set a sign for a time.

The new accommodation of the fire department, which is built by a local company, costs over 1 million euro. But this is an investment in the future that is worthwhile. Only a small subsidy is received from the state, and the community has to pay the lion’s share out of its own pocket to finance the project, as the head of the municipality noted. The first cut of the spade took place already some weeks ago in the small circle.

Diary in the time capsule

the foundation stone, which is to be bricked into a wall at an accessible place, in the new fire brigade house, was filled with a time capsule. The time capsule, which was filled on site, contains a current daily newspaper and a daily newspaper with the report on the laying of the foundation stone. Rauscher is also pleased that the "altneihauser feuerwehrkapell’n" (fire department band) is on the front page to see is. The plans for the new fire station and a list of the active and leadership team, as well as a chronicle of the niederfullbach fire department, are also in the time capsule. Before the chronicle was read by the chairman KBI christian bobecker. Of course the current euromunzen could not be missing either.

The air had to come out first

commander andreas hackl and his deputy michael stullein as well as mayor martin rauscher and KBM jannic christ sealed the time capsule. But there was a small problem, because the capsule was a bit too rough for the foundation stone. There the mayor looked for a pocket knife . With its help, the air was able to escape from the capsule, and the capsule was finally made smaller by forceful pressure. "The macgayver" from niederfullbach, as the commander andreas hackl stated after the successful completion of the project.

Finally, with the water from the niederfuller brook, the mortel was turned on by the youngest in the fire department under the eyes of the chairman of the fire department, KBI christian bobecker, and the construction manager moritz eichhorn from the architekturburo lup from grub am forst. Mayor martin rauscher did not miss the opportunity to apply the first mortar and to lay the foundation stone. This was followed by the commander andreas hackl and other guests of honor. The mayor was finally able to lay the foundation stone with a slab.

For the municipality of niederfullbach this is the right step and a good sign of the municipality for its fire department, as KBR manfred lorenz emphasized. Because niederfullbach has a very good fire brigade that goes out on around 20 missions a year. The new building is an investment in the future and in the safety of the citizens, as lorenz emphasized.

Kbm jannic christ is particularly pleased that the three emergency vehicles of the fire brigade will be well accommodated after completion, which should take place in the middle of next year (2019). In addition niederfullbach with very engaged 40 active is not exactly a small fire-brigade, about which the KBM is very pleased.

Motivation boost for the active members

the new fire station is a real motivation boost for the niederfullbach fire department, said deputy commander michael stullein, which was confirmed by fire chief andreas hackl. After completion, the fire department will have its own training room and sufficient parking space for firefighters during training sessions and on missions. The approach to the future house is also optimal, as was emphasized. With the new building, one also hopes for new active members.

On the rough area in front of the fire station, the examinations for the performance badge can be taken, where previously one always had to search for a suitable place. The planned site in front of the fire station is also ideal for the training sessions. The firefighters are also pleased to have a small workshop where they can carry out minor repairs themselves. In addition, the many historical objects from long past firefighting times, which are lovingly maintained by wehr, will find space in the new building.

Space also for the next generation

the strong children’s and youth group will then have their own rooms. The youth manager nicole bobecker and the supervisor of the children’s group, sabine rudolph, are particularly looking forward to this. "We will be able to work better with children and youth. We hope that this will inspire more children and young people to join the fire department. Also the sanitary facilities, especially for the women, will be much better after the completion.