The construction gap is closed

The construction gap is closed

Perhaps it was due to the much tighter seating arrangement of the municipal councils in the coarse bad bockleter spa hall despite the corona distance: in just under half an hour, the applications for seven building projects in the state spa, in aschach and in grobenbrach were discussed in a tense manner and all approved unanimously.

A single-family house is to be built at the corner of kleinfeldlein and rhonstrabe in the state baths area. "Thus the last construction gap is closed in this area", mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) was pleased. Although the builder had to be exempted from the building limits, eaves height and roof pitch because of minor transgressions of the limits specified in the development plan, the municipal council did not see any problem in this.

The council also had no objections to the construction of an additional carport as an extension to an existing garage on hohner weg, especially since the carport is only intended to provide a roof for trash cans. Although the building limit is also marginally exceeded here, this was already the case with the garage.

Hall becomes sheepfold

Interesting was the application from grobenbrach for a change of use of an existing agricultural hall into a year-round sheep barn with the addition of a barn for lambs and the construction of a new shelter for agricultural machinery and equipment. The hall in the lower part of the property, which is to be converted into a sheepfold, is to be covered with boards, and the wooden hall in the upper part of the property is to be demolished to make room for the new shelter. The building project lies largely in the area of the valid development plan, which is why the proof of a privilege is obligatory. This evidence was not available at an earlier council meeting in april, which is why the council had to reject the application at that time. In the meantime the responsible office for food, agriculture and forestry (AELF) has delivered: "according to the opinion of the specialized center for sheep and small animal husbandry in northern bavaria, the project is considered necessary and reasonable. The requested building project … Contributes to the recycling of the waste land in the district of bad kissingen." now the municipal council was able to give the building project the green light.

The four applications from aschach were also unanimously approved. This included the addition of a garage to a building project already approved in october on the quellenweg near the cafe bauer. "In the meantime, all the vacant lots there have been built on, the burgermeister, who lives in aschach, was pleased. "We have been waiting for this for decades." an application to enlarge an existing garage in balthasar-schmidt-strabe to accommodate a mobile home was certified as being in agreement with the neighbors. Only a maximum of nine meters per property line is permitted, whereas in this case twelve meters are required. In order to solve this problem, the direct neighbor wants to take over the missing distance areas that extend into his property. The construction of a two-family house on the property on the street neusetz with carport, house connection and equipment room as well as a timber yard and four parking spaces stood despite the necessity of the exemptions due to exceeding of roof pitch, roof form, eaves height, wall height and building limit from the view of the municipal council just as little in the way as with the renewed application for permission for the roofing of a manure yard and for the erection of a canopy on a stable building in aschach.