Rescue workers were afraid of the unknown third party

Rescue workers were afraid of the unknown third party

The rescue paramedics report on the scene they found at the time – in october 2012 – after the fatal shot in the old guardian’s house.

First of all, they had to assume that a third party had fired the shot. That is why everyone was very cautious. In addition, the police had instructed them to move carefully so as not to destroy any evidence. "Quick in, quick out", said one of the witnesses, was the motto. Ulrich S. Lay at the top of the stairs leading to the attic and was bleeding so badly that the blood – according to one of the witnesses – was already running out downstairs to the door. He was, however – considering his condition – in "astonishingly good shape" according to a witness.

One of the sanitarians then passed marie S, who was also lying on the floor. An ECG through – result: zero line. The wife of ulrich S. Was dead.

Marie S. Was wearing a nightgown and was still wearing makeup. She was lying on her back and had a hole in her lower left belly. The dead woman was already cool to the touch, the sanitary worker testified.

Ulrich S. Has already admitted on the first day of the trial, marie S. To have shot. According to his account, however, this was an accident because he – rifle in hand – tripped over his dog. Presiding judge gerhard amend has considerable doubts about this portrayal.