Manuela rottmann calls for concepts for refugee policy

Manuela rottmann calls for concepts for refugee policy

Klaus schmitt

she wants to encourage the people in the country. Citizens should have a say and raise their voices. "They are all more powerful than they think", said bundestag member manuela rottmann (bundnis 90/die grunen) at a discussion evening on thursday at the goller guesthouse in zeil.
Almost 30 participants came to talk to the 45-year-old from hammelburg, who was elected to the bundestag for the first time in september. Many federal policy issues were addressed; the focus was on social policy, climate protection and immigration.
Manuela rottmann listened to the opinions, suggestions, concerns and criticism of the citizens and promised to reflect on their views and incorporate them into the political discussion in berlin. "I take that with me", she assured.

Germany as a role model?

Rainer baumgartner, who sits for the odp in the habberge district council, worries that those in power are losing sight of climate protection. And this in a country like germany, which should be setting an example thanks to its economic strength. If germany is not serious about climate protection, who is??, he asked.
Manuela rottmann shares baumgartner’s opinion. And she is at a bit of a loss. "I don’t understand", the jurist confessed why the topic of climate protection did not reach the union and the SPD. She says that this may be because there are no longer any environmental politicians in these two parties as there used to be. There was simply a lack of contact persons, she explained.
At the lower level, on the other hand, things work better when it comes to environmental issues, said rottmann. As an example, she cited the state of hesse and the city of frankfurt am main, where she was once head of the department for environment and health. Union and green politicians could talk to each other here.

Only symbolism?

In rottmann’s opinion, there are too many construction sites in refugee and immigration policy. She was particularly critical of the fact that symbolism was being used above all else. By this, she meant, for example, that "half-full airplanes" are not available to be launched with deported asylum seekers to afghanistan. There is no concept behind this, only symbolism, she denied.
In her opinion, germany is currently moving between two positions: on the one hand, there is the demand to close all borders, and on the other hand, the problems should be pushed away. On the other hand, industry is in urgent need of skilled workers, and in the care sector the labor market is empty; the migrants could be important helpers here, she stressed.
Rottmann called for a clear concept in refugee and immigration policy. She said: "we need a permanent structure, no matter what form of immigration… It must be controlled. We have to know what we are doing… It is a process, and it is manageable." the grunen politician sees a "broad approval" in the population that refugees who want to complete an education and integrate are not deported.