Luxury clinic settles in bad bruckenau

luxury clinic settles in bad bruckenau

The ink under the contract is still fresh, so to speak. On thursday, 31. January, gert frank, managing director of limes schlossklinik furstenhof gmbh, and spa director andrea schallenkammer signed long-term contracts. Their content: the furstenhof and the castle hotel are being converted into a luxury clinic.

The limes schlossklinik furstenhof gmbh, founded for bad bruckenau, is part of the limes schlosskliniken ag, a group of clinics specializing in stress-related illnesses. The clinic at the state baths is scheduled to open in 2020; this year the buildings will be renovated. Among other things, the windows will be replaced and the fire protection modernized. At the same time, the clinic operator plans to invest in the interior equipment in order to realize the desired funf-sterne standard.

80 employees, including 45 to 50 medical staff and 30 to 35 hotel specialists, will look after up to 55 patients in the future, explains the managing director. The medical focus is on the treatment of illnesses triggered by stress. These include depression, insomnia and obsessive-compulsive disorders, but also migrane and tinitus complaints. Addictive diseases, on the other hand, are not treated.

Clinic for wealthy private patients

The target group is wealthy private patients, such as entrepreneurs, bank executives and artists. When such people fall ill, they often seek treatment abroad. "We try to offer a medical service in this spectrum. The group that goes abroad, we bring back to germany", says frank.

Bad bruckenau fits well into the company’s portfolio, on the one hand because of its spatial proximity to the rhine-main region and its metropolis frankfurt, and on the other hand because of its good connections to the ICE train stations wurzburg and fulda. And: "the area is already", he says. From the palace park with its promenade paths, via the king ludwig I.-hall together with the chamber orchestra to the rhon. Bad bruckenau offers a pleasant atmosphere, a protected environment, surrounded by unspoiled nature.

With the focus on the funf-sterne segment, the historical tradition of bruckenau will be continued. Frank: "bath bruckenau was already in the past a rehabilitation center for the european nobility. The buildings were not made for the common people, but for the elite, who tried to get well here." the aim is to build on this and contribute to bad bruckenau’s good reputation.

Use for decades safe

Spa director andrea schallenkammer can hardly contain her joy: "a milestone for me. A milestone for the state spa. Trendsetting!" she is particularly pleased that the health character is once again coming more sharply into focus. The imposing building, which together with the bellevue marks the axis of the historic palace park, has been empty for a good year. The 51 rooms were last used by the dorint hotel.

The spa director is still holding back on details. She won’t say how much money the state of bavaria is spending on the renovation. She is also silent about the duration of the contract. Only this much: the contracts are "very long-term" the spa has been closed, so that it is quite possible to speak of use over decades.

"I’m really looking forward to it", the mayor of bruckenau, brigitte meyerdierks (CSU), is also very happy about it. The clinic not only fits in well with the state spa, but also with the city’s concept of emphasizing its health expertise more strongly.

Information about the limes castle clinics

Since 2016, the group has been operating a clinic in mecklenburg-vorpommern, and a second clinic is currently under construction in koln, according to gert frank. Bad bruckenau is the third object. In addition, a fourth clinic is planned in germany.

Employees the group currently employs around 160 people. This number is expected to rise to more than 500 employees once all clinics are open.

By benedikt borst and ulrike muller