Luitpoldbad: the excavators will soon be rolling in

Luitpoldbad: the excavators will soon be rolling in

The groundbreaking ceremony was really only symbolic. Calm has returned to the luitpoldbad. Renovation work will not begin until october, if the short-ton statute allows, says erwin full. He is the project manager at the schweinfurt state building authority: "with the revival of the luitpoldbad, which has been vacant for 20 years, the free state is paving the way for the sustainable renovation and use of its cultural heritage." bavaria is paying 32.4 million euros for the project costs.

First, however, comes the wrecking ball: the 35-year-old mineral baths, which were closed in 2005, have to go. Full: in the course of planning, it became clear that its preservation "is not expedient with regard to the future administrative center". He spoke of a "building lesson.

The project is not only expensive, but also complex. The spa is located in a protected area for medicinal springs, and it is also an "outstanding architectural monument in bad kissingen. According to full, it is not easy to preserve it and at the same time bring a modern office into the small-scale former bathing cell structure. It also stands empty for a long time. This has left its mark.

According to information from full, part of the structure needs to be renewed. Thus, cap ceilings in the area of the cellar ceilings are no longer to be preserved. However, this also offers the opportunity to make the building more resilient. This is to keep any moisture away from the users.

The components of the south wing and the staircase pavilions are the most valuable parts of the building. A temperature control system is planned to protect the terrazzo floor, glazing, plaster vaults and cast-iron components. The sheet metal roofs are rusty according to full. They were replaced, the copper parts renovated. The skylights were renewed. The balustrades are to be restored to their original state. The historical windows are renovated, the others are newly manufactured.

The bathroom, according to full, offers a high potential for energy saving due to its coarseness and extension. Roofs, basement floors and interior walls are to be dammed up. For the energy supply there will be a combination of block heat and power plant, gas-powered heat pump and condensing boiler. An ice storage tank enables the use of regenerative energy for heating and cooling in summer.

Flood protection "does not work
the building structure leads to sensible building planes and cuts, says full. The representative rooms in the south wing were used for meetings of all users. Everything should be barrier-free. For this purpose the inner courtyard will be raised to first floor level. The pitches were jerked from the west wing and the sewerage system renewed.

Flood protection: "can't be done, said full. That had been tested, was also "much too expensive". The bathroom is in the drainage area of the saale river. In the case of the case, moreover, only the pitches were affected "the playhouse has been practicing this for years without complaining".

The building was accessible during floods via the northern arcade pier and the southern luitpold pier. Full: "in wise foresight, the builders at the time designed the first floor level so high that it would not be flooded during a hundred-year flood." this also applies to the inclusion of a 15 percent climate factor. The building will be secured against uplift with a concrete slab under the crawl spaces.

Full assumes a construction time of two and a half years.

Numbers 9000 cubic meters is the volume of the mineral exercise pool to be rubbed down. The administrative center has a usable area of 3200 square meters and a cubic capacity of 42,000 cubic meters.

Users will move in the administration of the state bath gmbh, the bad kissinger office of the real estate bavaria, the surveyor's office and the kissinger summer office. In addition, there is still space for the treasury, which is to be renovated after bad