Lowen and clowns swung dancing leg

Lowen and clowns swung dancing leg

At the meanwhile 19. The carnival ball of the ebensfeld carnival society (EKG) in the pater lunkenbein hall had the fans of the fifth season – loosely based on wolfgang petry – "mad much spab. The colorful program, which the people in charge around EKG president horst amon had once again come up with, made sure of that.

Mange free

At 20.11 o’clock it hit true to the EKG motto chosen this time "circus" manege frei. After the ceremonial entrance with fortune-tellers, elephants and tightrope walkers, the children’s prince and princess wilma and fabian wished the numerous guests an entertaining evening and lots of fun with music and performances.

"Agadoo doo doo", it sounded from the loudspeakers when the EKG children’s dance group put their feet on the parquet and received the applause they deserved for their successful choreography. It was also certain for rainer hetzel and michaela sonntag. The audience laughed itself silly when the two in their role as michelle (hetzel) and matthias reim ("no, he doesn’t deserve you – take me!") the zwerchfell properly strained.

Samba group from bamberg

The hall shook with the two performances of the inspiring samba group "bateria quem e" from bamberg. "Are we really in ebensfeld or maybe at the copacabana"?, many a guest may have asked themselves in view of the fiery atmosphere. The men and women around albert fuchs, who conducted the samba crew in a lively, sometimes even ecstatic manner, created an uproar of excitement. Fuchs was even able to spontaneously mix the loud applause of the audience acoustically with the instrumental sounds of his troupe. "We live the sambamusik", fuchs says laughing during the interview. It was that evening not to be overlooked and especially not to be overheard.

From schunkeleinlagen to westernhagen

Also the first time to the ebensfelder carnival ball brought showband "NIC" on board mastered her EKG-premiere excellently, offered colorful sound and singing variety of schunkeeinlagen à la "que sera" up to rocky like "sexy by westernhagen. The snappy everyday life will catch up with us soon enough, thought the jesters, who – for example dressed up as clowns, circus tamers or racy wildcats – either listened to the sounds or shook their dancing legs exuberantly.

It’s no secret that mayor bernhard storath (CSU) tends to belong to the second group at the EKG carnival ball. He also enjoyed the great atmosphere, went out of his way during the dance rounds with the show band or also during the interludes of the above mentioned samba group. For as it says in the song that also resounded this evening and that may and should be sung with fervor more than ever in 2020: "there’s one thing no one can take away from me, and that’s the pure joy of living. The mood barometer rose sharply again shortly after midnight when the ECG male ballet entered the ring. By the way, the mayor came with a huge woman’s wig – so it had something of an albino look and was therefore thematically not objectionable.

In the context of its carnival ball, at which thankfully again many helpers participated and each of them had his share in the success of the evening, the ebensfelder carnival society also honored two deserving members: beate and karlheinz lamm were awarded the order of merit of the carnival association of franken for their commitment.

Parade on carnival tuesday

But everything comes to an end. But the ECG circus does not close its doors for good yet, it still offers an open-air performance with the ebensfeld carnival procession on carnival tuesday at 13:00.30 o’clock.