Intoxicated bayern in konigsklassenform – muller with pity

Intoxicated bayern in konigsklassenform - muller with pity

Jupp heynckes did not have to play the admonisher for his inebriated champions bayern.

"I don’t think my players will be impressed by the result. You know that the champions league quarterfinals will be a different matter," said the coach after the exuberant goal party against the former championship rivals. The 6-0 win over dortmund’s borussia, which was even pitied by munich, did not dazzle any star ahead of tuesday’s konigsklasse task at sevilla FC.

The five-time european league winners from spain will not allow themselves the kind of total failures that BVB suffered in the first leg of the quarterfinals. "It was a good start for the coming weeks. It’s good for us to get right back into that frame of mind after the defeat in leipzig," said bayern captain thomas muller. Between the two sevilla duels, the german fubball record champion finally wants to win its 28th league title. Making the championship perfect. Spab had the bayern but also without the vollzug in the long-decided title question abundant.

Karl-heinz rummenigge and uli hoeneb cheered on the honorary tribune at the offensive spectacle of their red partly beautiful goals by robert lewandowski (5./44./87. Minute), james rodriguez (14.), muller (23.) and franck ribery (45.+1). The repeated jerk question of referee bastian dankert at the video assistant did not storm the bayern. "In the first half, that was a gala performance by my team," praised heynckes. "In the second half, we took the rhythm out a little bit, because we have a very important game on tuesday."

Arturo vidal returned to team training two days before the match in sevilla. The chilean was back at the uniform in munich on sunday, as was juan bernat. The spaniard was out because of a capsule irritation.

A few years ago, it would have been inconceivable to go the distance against the final opponents of the 2013 champions league final. But against these desastros defending dortmunder was enough after the break standgas. It’s hard to imagine that dortmund has ever been five points ahead of bavaria this season. "We benefited from the fact that bayern have a very important game next week. That’s why we got away with a black eye and a half," admitted gaste coach peter stoger after the first league defeat with BVB.

Stogers future at dortmund unclear, decision on new coach at bayern nears. Ceo rummenigge wants to announce the new "german-speaking coach" for munich before the end of april. The current hot speculation: niko kovac from eintracht frankfurt. Clearly positioned rummenigge to the change rumors of three-pack man lewandowski. "I think that at real madrid they know that the player still has a three-year contract and is assured of playing for bayern munchen next season. I’m happy to take bets on that, too," rummenigge said on sky.

World champion muller was one of several munich players who even expressed sympathy after dortmund’s heaviest defeat in 27 years. "You can only wish dortmund that they get back on track next week. We need good teams, also internationally," said muller. "It also hurts one a bit that the uncertainty was so to trace."

But the bavarian team could not take into account dortmunder’s initial mistakes and series of blackouts. "We’re doing our thing and dortmund wasn’t in a good mood," said winger arjen robben. "Playing against very good teams is always fun. But today we can’t change that either."

Although the first "championship party dahoam" in 18 years was cancelled after FC schalke’s 2-0 win over SC freiburg on karsamstag. The next chance will come next saturday with a victory in the free state duel. "At home it had been very. Now we’ll try it in augsburg. This is the closest game," said central defender mats hummels.