“Domingo” is a good-natured whirlwind

After a whole year of living in an animal shelter in spain, the four-legged friend was allowed to travel to kronach, in the hope of finding a great family for him there.

Which breeds in "domingos" ancestral lineage can no longer be found out. But everyone at the shelter agrees on the result: despite the lack of a tail (he does not even have a stump, which is probably congenital), he is a real beauty. His expressive face with beautiful brown eyes is particularly pleasing.

Playful four-legged friend

but also in character "domingo" is a dream. He is extremely friendly to all people and buries all visitors to the shelter with enthusiasm. Because he can be a little bit rough-motoric, no small children should live in his new family. He could knock them over with enthusiasm. "Domingo" means it however not bose, but he is very gutmutig and lets everything with itself make.

His main passion is playing, preferably with pads. Besides playing, "domingo" needs as a temperamental young dog of course also a lot of exercise. This whirlwind is therefore not suitable for couch potatoes. As for his obedience, there is still much to be done with "domingo" be worked. He gets along very well with other dogs.