Bayer sports director voller: “now there’s a headwind”

Bayer sports director voller: 'now there's a headwind'

Did you expect such a defeat against manchester united?

Fuller: this was not to be expected. Manchester is a classic team. In the first few minutes we were able to keep up, but then we collapsed and were punished by several goals.

That was a performance on the rough fubball stage, and once again bayer leverkusen has gone down. It is not enough yet for the very rough opponents?

Fuller: that looked now so against manchester. We are still in a good position, we are second in the bundesliga. We have to think realistically, do a lot of things well and make the most of our opportunities. We have done a great job so far. Now there is a little headwind. There we have to go through and get up again. Already on saturday against the 1. Fc nurnberg we have to play at the limit again. This is a bitter night, that was not already.

Now we are only third in group A of the champions league. Must we now prepare for the europa league or what is still possible?

Fuller: we have to play in the last game at the spanish club real sociedad san sebastian. We don”t have it in our own hands anymore, but we”ll do everything we can to make it happen. It would be a pity if we win and manchester loses the home match against shakhtor donezk. This was particularly bitter.

Bayer 04 has not yet lost a home game this season. Had not the werkself with more self-confidence on the platz gehen mussen?

Fuller: yes, that”s a fair question when you”ve lost 0:5. After the 0:2 we lacked a little bit the belief to turn the thing yet. It”s a pity, everybody is very depressed. I”ve had a very good feeling the last few days, and the team has been on fire. The first ten minutes until the 0:1 she has done it quite properly. Afterwards everyone was a bit shocked. That”s what we”re still missing, that we don”t lose our nerves after such jolts and continue to play well.

Was manu too ripped off or did leverkusen give too many gifts??

Fuller: both.

With what hopes you go to the last group game in san sebastian?

Fuller: now we have to get over the game. It is a bitter night, but tomorrow we will continue, although it is an unpleasant situation for everyone. Now pays first on saturday the game against the 1. Fc nurnberg and that we bring our performance in the bundesliga. Then comes san sebastian. In spain we have to try to do a little bit of good.