A contract for 40 years

Bernhard panzer who will supply the city with electricity, gas and water in the coming decades?? That was a question at the last city council meeting that was answered unequivocally. It is still the herzo works.

These have, as mayor german hacker stated "after long professional preparation and tendering as an existing and also future concession holder".

The contracts are always long-term and are now expiring. Herzo werke was the only interested party in all areas. Accordingly, the new concession contracts have now been concluded, the city council unanimously approved without discussion.

For both the electricity and gas supply, the new contract has a term of 20 years. This is about the provision of grids and the supply of electrical energy as well as gas. The treaties expire on 1. December 2020 until 30. November 2040.

Also at issue was the extension or renewal of the water supply treaty.

This is about "the use of public roads for the construction and operation of urban water supply facilities and the supply of drinking and process water". In this case, the term is 40 years, which means it ends on 30 june 2009. November of the year 2060.

The longer term is also related to the longer useful life of water pipelines and provides some planning certainty for the plants.