50 Years on the ball – tsh celebrates its birthday

Ts herzogenaurach's handball players didn't let the weather spoil their party mood last weekend. The 50th anniversary of the department was celebrated with coffee and cake. Those who wanted to take part in sports could compete in seven-meter throwing, can throwing and handball long throwing. Young and old competed at the three stations on the land of the herzogenaurach music initiative.
Those who wanted to escape the rain could look at collections of old and current newspaper articles and pictures from all decades in the building and reminisce. 50 years ago, the handball department of the TSH was founded. The treasure trove of jerseys and t-shirts collected over the years and ready to be tried on gave rise to one or two anecdotes from times gone by.
The gymnastics team looked back on its history with the successful celebration and at the same time looked ahead to the upcoming start of the season on the coming sunday. The women's II, women's I and men's I teams kick off the new season at the first home match day in the gymnasium hall.