This time there is no fuss about afd event in stockheim

This time there is no fuss about afd event in stockheim

Veronika schadeck the afd’s top candidate for the european elections, jorg meuthen, came to stockheim on saturday. There he went into the party program. Unlike the appearance of the afd party leader alexander gauland last year, this time there was a big crowd in the "old coal mine" neither a demonstration nor protest posters. The hall in the guesthouse was almost full.

Meuthen was buried in the hall with frenetic ovations, his speech was repeatedly accompanied by applause. Right at the beginning, the afd spokesman made it clear that his group is not a "dexit party" be. However, the EU had to be reformed in order to avoid even more serious damage than that which has already been done.

In his speech, he took aim at the union as well as the social democrats and the greens. In his speech, which lasted about an hour, meuthen accused the CSU’s top candidate, manfred weber, of wanting to put german interests at the back of the queue out of a desire for power – weber wants to become president of the eu commission. The leading candidate of the european social democrats, frans timmermann, breaks the "language of inhuman socialist ideology". He wants completely open borders and a "global multiculturalism," she says to.

Meuthen spoke of a madness in european politics. He tried to explain this with the help of EU regulations on neapolitan pizza, fast food chains, the electrical conductivity of honey and the quality of condoms. With this "degenerating decadence" the the continent is distracted from the real dangers, says the politician. As such, he named above all migration and ecological problems, to which the afd does not pay the pollutants from diesel-powered cars. Meuthen also criticized the school demonstrations for climate protection: "what’s happening there is political child abuse."

Meuthen was self-confident. For the afd, cooperation with politicians like manfred weber in the european parliament is out of the question. The afd does not want to go to brussel in order to make as many friends as possible there and to snuggle up to the establishment there. "We are going to brussel to represent the interests of our people there."

The goal, he said, is to have as many afd members as possible among the 94 eu deputies. Without alliances with other right-wing groups, however, it will not be possible to reform the EU, said meuthen.

In a subsequent press interview, he was surprised at the small number of media representatives ("I’m used to something different!"). On the question of how to manage the energy turnaround, which plays an important role for industry in the northern district, among others, he spoke out in favor of preserving diversity. Electricity should be generated more decentralized. "The fact is, we won’t make it with wind power alone", he emphasized. In his opinion, the inclusion of modern nuclear technology in the energy transition should be considered without prejudice. Earlier, afd state chairman martin sichert and coburg state parliament member martin bohm also commented on their party’s goals.