Third division fc rot-weib erfurt scouts and finds talent in the habberg district

third division fc rot-weib erfurt scouts and finds talent in the habberg district

The knetzgauer dreiberg-kickers held a talent scouting day together with the third league club FC rot-weib erfurt. Whereas elsewhere rows and rows of soccer games fell victim to the renewed onset of winter, the representatives of the participating clubs reacted flexibly and moved without further ado into the two gymnasiums of the three-mountain school.
It was especially great that, despite the difficult weather conditions, all the registered children from 2008 to 2011 found their way into the hall on time. Once there, they were first buried together with their parents by dreiberg-kickers sports director marco schnos, who also introduced the coaches of the thuringian professional club, manuel rost and alexander kosbab, to those in attendance. Afterwards, the two junior coaches from erfurt took over, encouraged the kids again and divided the groups for the stations. In four units, the 40 or so young soccer players were challenged with the full repertoire of their skills.
In addition to technical and coordination exercises, power dribbling with a final goal as well as offensive and defensive behavior in one-on-one, the players were also tested on their understanding of the game and their speed of action in a three-on-three match. The players were evaluated by the supporting coaches of the dreiberg-kickers, who kept an evaluation sheet. The most important thing for the erfurt coaches was the one-on-one, because "developing and challenging the individuality of the players is one of the main focuses of our junior training center", according to coach manuel rost. The coaches from erfurt looked around again and again between the stations and recognized remarkably many young talents.
After about an hour and a half, the 20-minute sessions were completed and the first sighting was over. But before the children were dismissed, two hopefuls of the year 2008 of the dreiberg-kickers, leon fusser and maurice keiger, were informed that they had attracted attention so that they could participate in games of rot-weib erfurt through guest player licenses.
After a lunch break, it was the turn of the older age groups 2006 and 2007. Around 40 children from all over the habberg district, from the steigerwald to ermershausen, had also turned up. The tempo was much higher than in the morning, and the coaches of the junior training center were visibly surprised by the quality of the players, even though some of the players, including leon frank and tim neubert, born in 2007 in knetzgau, who have already played for rot-weib erfurt, were already very well known.
After another two hours, the sighting of the older players was finished. The erfurt coaches said goodbye to the young footballers, not without emphasizing that one or the other footballer who stood out during the day will be buried in the junior training center of FC rot-weib in june and that they are looking forward to further cooperation with the dreiberg-kickers.
The contact to knetzgau came about through a player of the dreiberg-kickers, who regularly takes part in the erfurt training camps in heustreu in der rhon, informed RWE-coach alexander kosbab. His colleague rost says: "yes, we became aware of the talented tim neubert quite quickly. When we talked to his father about his club, we quickly got in touch with the sports director of the dreiberg-kickers, marco schnos, with whom we are now in very close contact."
According to kosbab, the current sightings were very positive and of a very high standard in terms of quality for their age group. "We could collect many impressions. Because the stations were quite complex, we were able to get a comprehensive overview of the talent in question." rost adds: "yes, there were some really good guys this time, and some of them will be joining our teams in the near future."