Munnerstadt is a school location with a long tradition

Munnerstadt is a school location with a long tradition

In a few weeks, the new vocational training center in munnerstadt will be opened. In this way, the district of bad kissingen, together with the caritas schulen ggmbh, has secured the importance of munnerstadt as a school location for the future. 50 years ago, the city and county invested in school buildings. At that time, a fourth construction phase was being added to the elementary school, and plans for the expansion of the schonborn grammar school, which had been opened a few years earlier, were ripening. At that time, the district had already acquired a plot of land for the secondary school. But nothing came of it.

The johann philipp von schonborn grammar school can look back on 360 years of history this year. It is said that in 1660, there were twelve students who were taught at jorgentorgasse 1. Later, the "rhon university" moved to the city in newly erected buildings near the monastery, where the "old auditorium" still stands today is to be found. But even there, the space was no longer sufficient in the middle of the last century, which is why a new grammar school was built on reichenbacher strabe. 1963 the schools moved. Only a few years later, there was already a lack of space again. Rapidly increasing school numbers were the reason for it.

Exactly 50 years ago, the district council of the former bad kissingen district (still without hammelburg and bad bruckenau) met in the new catholic parish hall in munnerstadt. The vote for the planning was unanimous. The head of the schonborn grammar school at the time, principal robert hornung, explained the need at the time. "He noted that "the introduction of the new language branch has increased the number of schools to about 600, and the increase is due to students from the district", was read in the newspaper at the time. And further it was said that in a few years 700 students could be expected, even then there was no proper classroom for four classes.

The economic significance has not been forgotten. For eventually, the holders of about 40 teaching staff were mainly left again in the city and county."The extension building is certainly trend-setting for other schools and means a step forward. Robert hornung no longer had to convince the district council. They were absolutely positive about the project. However, it took a while before he was actually inaugurated. This happened in july 1975. It went into operation with the 1975/76 school year.

A year later, peter rottmann came to the schonborn grammar school. The current principal remembers it well.At first, the grammar school and the new extension building were separated in terms of space, there was only a small connection. During the general renovation of the gymnasium in the 2000s, this connection was raised. On this occasion, the district of bad kissingen, as the building contractor, eliminated a shortcoming that the extension building had from the beginning: the rooms were extremely bright. But not everything changed. Peter rottmann speaks of a recognition effect when he came back to the auditorium for the first time as a prospective school principal. "The top floor had always been reserved for music", he says. On the fourth floor, there was and still is a beautiful view of the surrounding area. On the top floor, peter rottmann is "edi" by eduard at the time reichherzer introduced to the secrets of music. "That was not boring even after nine years." in fact, the division of space was already mentioned when the plan was decided 50 years ago. According to this, two music rooms were planned for the fourth floor.

A look at the costs is also interesting. 50 years ago, around three million marks were earmarked for the extension, i.E. Around 1.5 million euros. The general renovation of the grammar school a few years ago cost around ten million euros. The new construction of the BBZ with six schools will cost 30 million euros. The schools are always "dear and expensive" to the district the city of munnerstadt also undertook a general renovation of the elementary and high school about 15 years ago. The city’s music school, adult education center and, last but not least, the federal training center for morticians all contribute to munnerstadt’s reputation as an educational stronghold.

Only one thing is still missing: a secondary school. "For years, the city council has been trying to bring a state secondary school for boys and girls to munnerstadt", it was in the newspaper 50 years ago. "The district administration is also interested in the construction of this secondary school in munnerstadt and has in the meantime acquired a suitable plot of land (altstadtmuhle with around 6400 square meters), which is suitable for accommodating the secondary school in addition to the future facilities of the schonborn high school", hight. And: "however, the realization of this project can be expected only in years."

To this day, the school does not exist; the second project, which was envisaged at the time, looks quite different. "Indoor swimming pool and secondary school in sight" was the headline. The bath was opened only a few years later and has been closed since 2010.