Morper-marr sharply criticizes jurgen heike

Morper-marr sharply criticizes jurgen heike

Spd city councillor gabriele morper-marr criticizes the remarks made by coburg CSU member of the state parliament jurgen heike about the incidents that took place last weekend in steinweg. With his statement on bavarian radio, among others, according to which there is an "almost burger-war-like development" in the coburg pub mile, he is the only one who has been able to make this statement he has rendered a "cash service" to the city proven. "Does a responsible mandatstrager look like this??", asks gabriele morper-marr, who in view of the current situation in syria, for example, speaks of a "tasteless comparison" speaks.

Legislators in duty

But the SPD politician is not only bothered by heike's choice of words. In her statement, she also points out to the member of the state parliament what needs to be done about the controversial issue of blocking time: "first pass a law that shortens the blocking time in the state to one hour – of course with a legal 'backstop' so that others can be held responsible, just in case it doesn't work out." and gabriele morper-marr continues to rant in the direction of the state government: "then a completely misguided police reform caused a shortage of officers in every corner of the region, and now they pull in their heads, act as if they had nothing to do with it, and call on the city, the police, and the judiciary."

As a former secretary of the interior, heike must be well aware of the real reasons for situations like the one at the weekend in steinweg", so gabriele morper-marr. Only a tiny fraction of them have been built in the area of responsibility of the municipalities. The real reasons had heike and his coalition in munchen to answer for.

Gabriele morper-marr finally formulated a flaming appeal to jurgen heike: "i hereby call on you not to hide behind flimsy exemptions in laws, but to finally recognize the truth: the shortening of the detention period in bavaria is, as the examples from bamberg or erlangen also show, a first-rate pipe burst. You, mr. Heike, and no one else in the region, are now responsible for putting right what you and your coalition screwed up in 2005!"
And further: "stand up and make a motion in the state parliament to establish a lockout regulation that goes beyond one hour, and finally use your contacts as a former secretary of state makes sense to increase the staffing level of the police in the region again to a mab that enables the officers to fulfill their tasks to the extent required by law! Without thousands of overtime hours and rows of frustrated and overworked police officers having to perform their duties or even falling ill as a result of the immense workload."