Joy for a beautiful teuschnitz

Joy for a beautiful teuschnitz

At the end of august, tree removal began for the construction phase in the city center around the teuschnitz city center. The work is being accompanied by archaeologists from bamberg, who had suspected historical remains of the old castle, the former church and the former cemetery.

Continuous design

"The area from the market square to the gatehouse and the fallen monument should receive a continuous design", explained marcus hamberger from the landscape architecture office "freiraumpioniere" from weimar. The 60-meter-long passageway at the cemetery is also included in the planning for a connection between the marketplace, playground, festival meadow and arnika academy.

Due to the requirement of the state office for the preservation of historical monuments to have the work accompanied by archaeologists, the process was delayed somewhat. After a bavarian-wide call for tenders, the bamberg-based company ITV, which specializes in archaeological excavations, was commissioned to investigate the areas around the palace square, the market square and the cemetery passageway and to regularly monitor the earthworks. As with the first construction phase, reso gala bau from stadtsteinach was commissioned with the construction work. The BAII was started with tree felling work. Because of the long-term perspective, some trees had to be felled. Even the preserved trees, the most vital and strongest growing ones, had been "badly beaten" in the past been. Due to the narrowness of the trees, which were much too close together, they had not been able to develop properly. "We had to intervene", emphasized hamberger.

New trees will be planted

For the earthworks the turf was pulled off and existing bushes were cleared. "Now everything is much more open and things appear that have not been seen for decades", he was pleased. Due to the poor bearing capacity of the subsoil, geogrids were used. The new trees will later stand on the paved area.

"During its investigations, ITV found two tower bases or foundations of the old castle from around 1500", informed the planner. These foundations in turn stand on older foundations, which probably originated with the founding of the town around the year 1300. Fillings with materials from the 17th century were found in wall stumps. Century. This love about the 1640 remained. Presumably, the city was plundered during the thirty years’ war and the palace was partially destroyed, so that rebuilding work was carried out. The clay shards found are, from an archaeological point of view, an "allerwelts"-find".

Tower stumps could be seen

The shards are currently being examined by archaeologists, documented and will later be returned to the city. Since this is not a special case, it is not considered useful to make the fragments visible building upwards. However, it was possible, for example, to indicate partial fragments of tower stumps by means of a slightly different cobblestones.

Castle garden grouted

The former town hall parking lot was dissolved in favor of an enlargement of the castle garden. A row of parking spaces is being built at kirchstrabe. The leftover paving stones from the market square will be reused in the process. Start will be in two, three weeks, so that the new pitches will be usable in mid november. Clear changes on the construction site will be seen in about a month’s time. For this year, the planting of the four trees on the castle terrace and the installation of the cisterns for the water feature are still planned.

The completion of construction phase II is expected in august 2020 due to the delayed start of construction. In construction phase 1 – august to december – we plan to set up the construction site, pave the way, create parking spaces in kirchstrabe, build underground pipes, lay the surface on the east side of the market square and the castle terrace, and plant paths and trees in the castle garden.

Construction phase 2 – march to april 2020 – includes the passage to the cemetery; construction phase 3 – may to june 2020 – the church forecourt, the side entrances of the church and the fallen monument.

Construction phase 4 – july to august 2020 – will conclude with the marketplace on the west side, furnishings, flat planting and remaining work .


The loschwasserversorgung was – at the request of markus wachter (CSU/G) with the fire department on site coordinated. Michael hebentanz () wanted to know whether one had already thought about a processing of the finds. "The city can do what it likes with it", answered hamberger.


A small showcase exhibition in the town hall would be conceivable. Hedwig schnappauf (FL) asked why the front row of trees, which had initially been included in the plans, had to be cut down. The main reason, according to hamberger, was the expert’s classification of the trees as only "worth preserving to a limited extent". The trees had damage in the root area and trunk cracks, caused by salt deposits and pruning cuts. A total of eight new trees will be planted: four in the row of trees; in addition, two more in front of the church and two more at the fallen memorial. Harald martin (CSU/G) asked whether rainwater could be used for the water feature. This was denied by hamberger, as this would cause dirt to get into the cistern and result in high maintenance costs. With regard to a possible indication of the tower stumps by other pavement evidence, he will prepare a detailed drawing so that a decision can be made on this at the next city council meeting. Mayor gabriele weber (CSU) felt that the status report was very important, since there were rumors circulating among the population about possible valuable finds.

Sewer shaft in wickendorf

From the city council: it was decided to carry out the urgently needed renovation of the damaged sewer manhole in wickendorf, in the area of kronenweg-brucke. The contract was awarded to the company swietelsky-faber from schlierschied at the bid price of around 4.800 euro, which was the only one to submit a bid. Further renovations are scheduled for 2020 and will be included in the budget. The council approved the 2017 and 2018 balance sheets of the waterworks with profits of around 45600 euros and 77,000 euros, respectively. The gains are due to special redemptions made.

Information mayor:

During the inspection, the F wickendorf received a very good overall result. The district harvest festival in teuschnitz with state minister thorsten glauber was a great success. The citizens’ info meeting on the establishment of a citizens’ association for a "black cross" restaurant was successful. The ground meeting is on 28. October, 7 pm in the arnika cafe. In the meantime, an information sheet will be prepared and distributed by the town councils. At a donation handover, the participating associations handed over the proceeds of the playground inauguration of 2000 euros to the kindergarten in teuschnitz.

Once again, the city received a visit from a group of leaders with participants from germany, austria and luxembourg, who made a tour of the municipality. The untersteinach municipal council was also present and took an interest in the ongoing city construction project. Next friday there will be a meeting of all participants of the rennsteig fair in the school auditorium, 7 pm. At a meeting with the hunting cooperative of teuschnitz on the day after the city council meeting, the subject was the removal of roads – which had not been reported to the city beforehand – and about which there had been complaints from the burghers.

Miscellaneous: mario stingl (SPD) complained about the overdue erection of the right-of-way sign in steinbacher weg. This is the responsibility of the district office.

In the reichenbacher strabe, due to "rushing through", the following works will be carried out vehicles there will be increased police checks and possibly a smiley speed display board will be erected. The wickendorf bus stop was cleaned up by parents. Markus wachter (CSU/G) asked for the installation of a coarser bench and the reinstallation of the glass window. Both will be complied with. In addition, he invited to the performance review of the F wickendorf on 23. October at 6 p.M.