Habfurt emphasizes location on the main

Habfurt emphasizes location on the main

Habfurt must and should change and become more attractive for the citizens, the economy and the tourists. What improvements are conceivable and necessary, has the "free planning group 7" developed with various experts, the city council, the administration, representatives of the most important groups in city life and 38 burgers. All the proposals for action were incorporated into the "integrated urban development concept" (ISEK), which was unanimously approved by the city council at its meeting on monday.
The city of habfurt has set itself the goal of continuing the redevelopment of the old town and has been included in the "active urban and suburban centers" federal and state demand program included. In order to get the benefit of claim funds, the preparation of the IUDC was necessary.
After much preparation, the kick-off event took place in september 2012. At that time, about 100 citizens made clear which fields of action and possible projects were particularly close to their hearts. After that, four working groups dealt with the topics of urban development and mobility, "housing and social infrastructure", "tourism, culture and recreation" as well as "work, trade and services". The results were used to produce a draft concept, which is now being presented to the city council by petra zeese of "freie planungsgruppe 7" (FP7) from stuttgart explains. "This concept is not rigid, but is intended to be a working guide for the city council", she stressed. "It contains long-term oriented and integrated development and action guidelines to secure and strengthen the quality of life and attractiveness of the city." the motto "mainstream" had been used as an umbrella term chosen because habfurt was situated on the main and could therefore score points and because the city was in the "river" respectively on the way.
The topic "city on the main" is at the top of the list of guidelines, because the redevelopment of the riverbank areas and adjacent city quarters offers great potential for attractive residential locations and tourism development, said the expert. Other priorities included securing and developing the supply and retail trade in the city center, optimizing traffic in the city center, restructuring the city’s neighborhoods, expanding attractive forms of housing as well as supply and care services, securing jobs and expanding tourism.
For better orientation, all proposals were prioritized. In addition, the respective implementation period was outlined from short to medium and long term.
The plans mainly cover the former ezo site, floriansplatz, the harbor, the railroad station perimeter, the lower suburbs and the western promenade, the salesianum, part of hauptstrabe and bruckenstrabe.

City council has the final say

which proposals are finally implemented, is in the hands of the city council. First of all, in autumn of this year, he will define the corresponding redevelopment area and submit the request for 2014. "We decide on the basis of what is sensible, necessary, feasible and financially viable", mayor rudi eck emphasized and announced that a meeting of the mayors would take place at the end of october/beginning of november.

Further items from the city council

the habfurt city council has bid farewell to werner holzinger. "When you have been with us for so long and with so much commitment, it is hard to say goodbye, and it is with a great deal of sadness that I leave, said werner holzinger (SPD), who was bid farewell by his colleagues and mayor rudi eck with a standing ovation on monday evening after almost 30 years of service as a city councilor. Holzinger had to resign his mandate in march of this year for health reasons. Previously, mayor rudi eck had emphasized that werner holzinger had spent a large part of his life and free time "with a great deal of dedication for the good of our city and all citizens, including the district" over the course of almost 30 years have. This deserves high respect.

Building area especially for the wishes of three builders, who wanted to build five houses, the city council decided to draw up a building plan for the "hundsruck" housing area in the north of wulflingen decided. Although the flat land use plan provides for a residential flat of 4.5 hectares. But on the one hand, the area as a whole is difficult to develop, and on the other hand, there is currently no further demand for building sites. Therefore, according to mayor eck, only a flat area of 1.2 hectares, which is in private hands, is to be developed. A further, later development is not endangered thereby.

Finances in the meeting the city council confirmed the resolutions of the finance and main committee. This year, the city of habfurt will support the multigenerational house in habfurt with 37,540 euros under the auspices of the bavarian red cross, habberge district association. The association "bibelwelten habfurt receives 21,143 euros as a grant towards the total costs of 211,432 euros for its "jesus exhibition" in the basement of the kupsch market in habfurt. Furthermore, the demand program requested by the CSU faction for investments for the preservation, renewal, improvement and new creation of building fabric for residential use in the old towns of the core city and the city districts was approved. Finally, the city of habfurt will procure 20 vehicle and 58 handheld radio sets for the volunteer fire departments in the city area for the extended trial operation for the introduction of digital radio in a framework agreement with the district fire department association of lower franconia, worth around 85,000 euros.

Culture as mayor rudi eck announced in the meeting of the city council, the city of habfurt has been awarded by the district of lower franconia to organize the "lower franconian culture days" and the "franken day receive in 2020. District councillor and deputy district administrator siegmund kerker had explained in the letter that the district’s cultural committee, on his suggestion, had moved both events to habfurt "because of the outstanding cultural work in recent years" award.

Idea city councilor stephan schneider (SPD) suggested to elect a family representative in the city council. Rudi eck replied that this should be decided by the new city council after the elections next year.

Criticism councilwoman elisabeth hutzel demanded that the city council publicly distance itself from the amusement arcade that is to be set up in the railroad station in habfurt. Mayor eck stated that the building application had been approved. "This is the end of the subject."