Gebhart ends goal drought at club

Gebhart ends goal drought at club

The fourth man in the referee team was the match winner for the 1. Fc nurnberg. Mike frantz was already on the sideline and was supposed to be substituted for timo gebhart but volker wezel still had the ruck numbers of the two nurnberg players not entered into its electronic scoreboard. Therefore, gebhart was allowed to continue an attack by the clubs on the field – it should be the game-changing one: at the cross from timothy chandler the 23-year-old was spot on in the penalty area and headed in the 1:0 winner against the vfl wolfsburg (76. Minute).

"I knew that I would be replaced should and was glad to have had two more good actions. And with one it has then also folded.", gebhart was pleased after the liberating first club win in seven weeks, after the also dieter hecking a stone fell from his heart. "I am glad that the series without goal and are gone without a win", the trainer admitted. After six games and 452 minutes without a goal of their own the club finally picked up three points again on saturday. And the fans in the stadium in nurnberg were beside themselves. For minutes after the final whistle, they celebrated their team frenetically in the north curve. "When you see what it's like to win here every game win", gebhart, the goal scorer, was impressed by the enthusiastic supporters.

Bader: emotionality pure

Only a week ago, some club fans were making headlines when they blocked the team bus out of frustration over the 0:1 at schalke. "There is pure emotionality between the fans and the team", explained manager martin bader. "They stand behind the team despite everything and support them when they are notice that the players are giving their all." and on saturday was the nurnbergern that from the kickoff away to note. They were – against however frighteningly weak wolfsburg – the clear dominating team and showed good play for the first time in several weeks approaches. "I told the guys that we couldn't just think defensively, but need to act more courageously. That worked out pretty well today", hecking described the training focus of the past few days. "Today was a completely different movement in the offensive in", substitute captain hanno balitsch said he thought his team's performance was "surprisingly good". Right-back timothy chandler, who has greatly improved his form, even saw the "best game of the season in terms of football", and gebhardt hoped "that today would be the turning point was". Despite their superiority on the field, however, the franken barely managed to high-caliber chances to be created. It was dangerous in front of the wolfsburg goal most of the time only after hiroshi kiyotake's free kick, which came out of the strong nurnberger collective still stood out a bit.

"We are at this defeat it was our own fault because we weren't prepared to give our all", grumbled the wolfsburg interim coach lorenz-gunther kostner and admonished: "we are in the relegation fight, even if some people don't want to hear it." in nurnberg you hoard this term, on the other hand, day-to-day, and that is why, despite the joy over the first home win of the season – as the gap to the top of the league is closing relegation place is only three payers. "We have to build on the good performance on friday confirm in mainz", demanded gebhart.