Discussions about premicher vereinsring

One occasion for this was the indication of holger markard that he would only continue to take over the office of the chairman if he did not have to deal additionally with the concerns of the association ring. He does not want to take over as chairman of the association because he cannot represent the structures and procedures of the association. Finally, the members decided to continue their involvement in the association if they do not have to provide a board of directors. Further one will take part in the village club life and coordinate the own dates with those of the other clubs. The decision will be presented by holger markard at the next meeting of the association's board.

Some dates planned
The rhon bikers have already marked a few dates in their calendars: among other things, there will be a meeting of the rhon bikers on 9. He held a season opening party in litzendorf (ASV naisa) on 26 march. May and on 5. June from 13 to 18 o'clock the village championship in the air rifle with konigsschieben and on 7. July the kindergarten party, where the tent of the rhon-bikers will be used.

In addition, a safety training is planned for this season, a trip to aufseb in early may and a barbecue. Markard addressed the lack of participation in several events. He attributed this to family changes in several members and to the increased price of gasoline. Markard appealed to the members to suggest or register day trips. The chairman emphasized the commitment of ludwig zehe. He repeatedly organized excursions to vintage car shows. No rhonbikers took part in the safety training courses last year, even though the association subsidizes their participation.

New election of the board
after the elections, the board of directors includes chairman holger markard, deputy chairman detlef zehe and treasurer daniel grom. Secretary is claudia richter-markard, tour guide is michael krockel.