Vfb earns relegation with great morale

Vfb earns relegation with great morale

The third-placed team in the upper district league in eastern bavaria will now play two decisive matches for promotion to the state league against TV erlangen-bruck, which is tied for first place on points. The first game takes place on saturday in forchheim, the second game is a week later in bruck.

It was an open exchange of blows between the hosts and HG hemau/beratzhausen for 60 minutes. He was also very entertaining and exciting. The 300 spectators in the realschulhalle experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions in the fast-paced and eventful final game of the season. Thanks to a strong final offensive, the home team turned around a 21:25 deficit and ultimately deserved to win 34:32 (16:17). The vfb thus underpinned its ambitions for the landesliga promotion.

Fast-paced opening phase

"it was a moral victory, said trainer elmar ehrich. "I never doubted that we would not win the game. Even when we were four goals down, we didn't get overly nervous", analyzed ehrich. The game got off to a swinging start. The first quarter of an hour was a very intense discussion between the two sides, mainly about the fast middle and the counterattack (10:9). At first, the guests were ahead (2:4), but then the vfblers picked up speed and took a 10:7 lead (13:10).) forward. Up to the break, however, the forchheimers acted slackly, switching too slowly, especially in the ruck movement. In the attack, seven big chances were missed without concentration. In addition, there were three time penalties and two seven-meters. So the committed and very friendly playing guests took the lead again (15:17) and kept it until the break (16:17).

The second 30 minutes became curious and nerve-racking. The vfb started with a change of defense from 6:0 to 5:1. Success soon came (20:18/37). Again, however, the ehrich seven allowed themselves a hanger, whereby the defense was often overrun. The guests demonstrated their variable play and were successful both over the counter and in the position play. The consequence was a lead with four goals (24:20/44). The vfb seemed to be losing its way.

Unbanded chase to catch up

"in this difficult period, everyone was fighting for everyone else, we could not afford to make a mistake in this all-or-nothing game", said coach ehrich. And so began a relentless race to catch up. Within seven minutes, forchheim equalized at 26:26, but immediately fell behind again at 27:28 (53.) into the rear. Especially in the final minutes, the vfb found, in addition to rough commitment, also the efficient in the conclusion again to decide the intense game for themselves. Forchheim kept a clear head, took a two-goal lead and didn't let it be taken away until the cheering final whistle.

At the final barbecue party, elmar ehrich was bade farewell after his four successful years at vfb. Head of department stefan schick thanked the coach, wished him all the best for the future at haspo bayreuth and was happy that ehrich got this great offer. Ehrich, for his part, thanked the association and said with emotion in his voice that his family had also felt very much at home in forchheim.


vfb forchheim: schmitt, wagner, marx – zuber (6), wolf (6), hallmann (6/1), kiesel (4), radina (4), gieck (5), wackersreuther (2), muhe (1), kramer, weisheit, furch