The switch flipped

The switch flipped

"We've done a good job of moving the fire department forward in the last 20 years and we've made a lot of progress", says ottmar bohnlein. For the last 17 years he was the first commander for the rimbach floriansjunger in action. Bohnlein is very proud of the good cooperation, the enthusiasm and the team spirit of his comrades. An attractive fire station, well-trained firefighters and modern equipment are the guarantee that the fire department of the volkach district is doing so well.

The fact that bohnlein did not stand for re-election on saturday and that a successor was found spontaneously is evidence of the willingness to take on responsibility in the village. As the new first commander, matthias gotz will be leading the fire brigade in the future. The deputy commander has also been relieved of his duties. Werner graber took over the office of second commander, previously held by bjorn fischer.
2012 was a relatively quiet year for the active fire brigade. Only once it had to be printed out. After a storm the firefighters cleared the road from fallen trees. According to bohnlein, eight men and women passed the performance test "the group in the fire brigade". Several training courses and fire department training sessions had preceded the training.

The demand of the new generation stands in rimbach for many years in the foremost place. 16 young people are involved in the two youth groups, which the commander personally leads. "I joined the youth fire department at the age of 16, back then in my birthplace of alitzheim", tells bohnlein. After his wedding, the 48-year-old came to rimbach and immediately joined the local floriansjungern there.

Taking on responsibility
He quickly took over responsibility in the fire brigade, first as deputy and after two years as first commander. The purchase of an emergency vehicle, the founding of a fire department association, the reconstruction of the fire station and the new extension to the building are the most important cornerstones of his time in office. "We now have a nice recreation room and a community room for all rimbach citizens", outgoing fire chief tells his story. Bohnlein nods his head in satisfaction at the fact that 90 percent of the work was done by the team itself. "Without the hard work of our members, this extraordinary achievement would not have been possible." the fire department has made an important contribution to an intact village community.

He is grateful for the good cooperation with the district fire department and the city of volkach, which has always supported his department and the fire department on the mainschleife. District fire inspector norbert kempf attested the rimbach floriansjungern enthusiasm and eagerness for training. He especially praised the good youth work. Together with district fire chief erwin strobel, he honored the services of the retiring commanders. Words of thanks to all active members came from mayor peter kornell (G).
Bohnlein, meanwhile, draws a positive conclusion from his work as a firefighter. "I have always enjoyed my work with the fire department."

He wants to continue to support the fire department with advice and action and to inspire the young people in the village for the fire department. "In a small village, everyone should go his own way, but a bit of community should be maintained", he emphasizes. His experiences show: "the club life in the village welds the youth firmly together and challenges the comradeship."