The building is guarded during the sand kerwa

The building is guarded during the sand kerwa

Security guards in front of popular locations in sandstrabe are nothing new. A guarded building, on the other hand, has probably never existed before: because it is located at the former dominican church, and thus in the focal point of the kirchweih events, the state building authority has hired extra security. Contrary to their original intention, the authorities do not want to dismantle the huge structure for the five days of the fair. It was not the associated costs that had led to the change of mind, but safety reasons.

The structural engineer advised to leave the building standing, said hubert wagner when asked. He is head of the department for university projects in bamberg and is in charge of the renovation of the medieval monument in the sand, which serves as the university’s auditorium. The roof renovation is currently underway and the top of the wall is exposed. It could not be ruled out, he said, that something would fall down on the kirchweih visitors if the scaffolding was no longer there. To ensure that the construction site does not pose an accident hazard even in the roughest of conditions, it has been covered: a wall several meters high made of chipboard with no "dangerous corners" (wagner) now surrounds the junk.

Preventing eventualities

in addition, a security service is to keep an eye on things during the busiest times of the sandkerwa: from 4 p.M. To 4 a.M. And on sunday from 10 a.M. The rough construction site will be guarded. In this way, the state building authority wants to prevent drunken night owls from getting the idea of climbing over the board fence and onto the scaffolding. The cost of this unusual job, according to wagner, is "less than 2000 euros".

The cost of this additional expense will probably have to be borne by the construction company. As the director of the building authority, fritz angerer, complained to the FT in june, the building authority failed to meet deadlines, so that the roof renovation unintentionally fell into the time of bamberg’s biggest festival. The actual work on the roughly 2,000-square-meter beaver-tail roof itself is on hold until normality returns to the sand.