Schutzen untersteinach: that’s the sound of solidarity

Schutzen untersteinach: that's the sound of solidarity

Numerous individuals, local associations, friendly societies, the community, the district – the willingness to donate for the "schutzen" was and is "overwhelming", as guard chairwoman inge winkler emphasizes. "I am completely thrilled", says the untersteinach resident and explains that friendly guardian associations have even organized real campaigns in order to be able to financially support the untersteinach colleagues. Because the insurance sum covers the damage of more than 300,- euro.000 euro not.

Naturally, the guardians have also become active themselves. So they have a "battlefield" hosted at the clubhouse of the untersteinach brass band, numerous burgers turned up not only for the culinary delicacies and added a generous tip.

The biggest benefit event for the schutzen so far will take place next sunday in the school gym: the untersteinach brass band, the untersteinach choir and the "frankensima" philipp simon goletz invite to a rough charity concert.

"Simply terrible
"it is simply terrible when something like this happens to a club", says brass band chairman lothar huber, who appreciates the advantages of having his own clubhouse with the old post office.

And also choral society chairwoman christine liebermann, whose choruses were performed in the "zur post" inn and have a permanent home in the community hall, can well empathize with the current situation of the schutzen.

Free admission
"because a lot of things are not covered by the insurance and the protectors can use all the help they can get", according to lothar huber, the two clubs have donated together. From 17 o'clock on sunday they will give a concert in the school gymnasium with free admission, whose program was specially adapted to the occasion. The musical early education of the brass band has even rehearsed a musical theater piece. "The "P(r)ostmusikanten" (musicians from the east) the youth orchestra will perform excerpts from its youngest concert, accompanied by a multivision show. The mixed choir and the male voice choir of the untersteinach singing society have held special rehearsals to get ready for their performances.

And the frankensima alias philipp simon goletz, who will also take over the moderation, scatters in his usual shrewd manner education among the people and makes on french culture, which is not difficult for the musical word acrobat as is well known. "The gymnasium must at least burst at the seams", the musician then gives his untersteinach fellow castles as a visitor's mabbard: "so that untersteinach will shine in unity".

He hopes that the guests will also be quite hungry and thirsty, because the untersteinach guards will provide additional catering. During the event, the musicians also let donation boxes go through the rows, the contents of which belong entirely to the friends of push sports. He is naturally pleased that the community has given the gymnasium free of charge for a good cause and that the municipal building yard is helping with the construction work.

Protectors build new
inge winkler, chairman of the board of schutzen, at any rate, is enthusiastic about the initiative. "This is a great thing", she says and is "overwhelmed by the help from all sides". And she is confident that the basic resolution of the members for a new building of the guardian's home at the present location can soon go into detailed planning and perhaps begin this year…