New speculation about additional costs for airport construction

New speculation about additional costs for airport construction

Due to noise protection, construction risks that were not specified in detail, and the longer operation of berlin-tegel, the total costs could rise from the current 4.3 billion euros to 4.7 billion euros. However, airport spokesman ralf kunkel emphasized: "these are pure speculations."There is no new state of knowledge, he said to the news agency dpa.

Since the upper administrative court of berlin-brandenburg ruled in april that the planned protection against larvae is not sufficient for residents, figures have been circulating again and again about the possible additional costs. It is also known that each additional month of delay costs up to 40 million euros. The opening of the airport in the southeast of the capital has already had to be postponed four times. Most recently, it was announced in january that the date 27. October 2013 can’t be stopped.

However, there is also positive news from schonefeld: according to the "focus" report, the refurbishment of the north runway, which dates back to GDR times, could be made a good 100 million euros cheaper. Core drilling had shown that the old concrete runway was in very good condition and therefore only needed a new surface layer.

Kunkel confirmed that there had been a positive interim report. However, it could only be decided after the final expert opinion whether a complete renovation would be necessary or only a surface renovation, which would be considerably cheaper. He did not want to say anything about the amount of possible savings.

It remains to be seen when the new airport will finally open. Even federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU) does not want to commit to a date at the moment. "This is a never-ending story for many people," he told the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" newspaper. When asked when the story would end, he simply replied: "at some point it will end"."