Home is for old and young

Home is for old and young

The foundation of the "heimatverein rodental found in the "wildpark" guesthouse where helmut tischer and oskar wohlleben were elected as the first two chairmen. The meeting lasted three and a half hours.

That was 70 years ago. Now the 70th anniversary was celebrated in a really historic way on thursday evening, in the refectory of the monastery monchroden. At the beginning helene bartholmeb, wife of the former pastor gunther bartholmeb, strode honorably in a long robe in front of the guests. "To help you, I am there, I am the historica poetica. So I will remember the old times and give you the longed-for festival. I took you back to the time of the founding and lifted the veil of the past."

After the historica poetica, the chairman prof. Gunther ott the word: "i would like to announce to you: the "heimatverein rodental e.V. Was on 20. 8. Founded in 1949 in its present form." that this birthday was celebrated in this historic setting, the members and friends had contributed, thanked prof. Ott. The association has always kept to the saying of its founder helmut tischer: "the city is not there for us, but we are there for the city"." in many ways the research of the homeland in natural history, history and cultural area has been carried out in common work. There were and are dialect evenings, 1.-may festivals, medieval festivals, home games, the village festival monchroden, the family picnic, exhibitions. There was a lot to pay for what the association and its members achieve. The flagpole had been brought to the lauterburg castle. "Our very latest work was unveiled just last week, the monch on the traffic circle monchroden", ott said proudly. This was only possible thanks to the support of two monchroden companies. Young people don’t join so often, but thanks to a few new members who have joined recently, the club’s survival is assured. "Our association is on solid ground, active, attractive, down-to-earth and friendly, and I am proud and grateful to be the chairman", said prof. Ott.

What the heimatverein has done is extraordinary, said mayor marco steiner () and thanked for the work of the association, it is important. He was impressed by the wealth of ideas of the members. Successful cooperation with schools, associations and the town of rodental, as well as mutual support, are the hallmarks of the association. Steiner was full of praise for the tireless work of the board, that hard core in which families have often been the driving force for generations and continue to do so.

"70 years of HV rodental, that is a reason to look back on the history of the association and to look forward to the future. And for all members and volunteers a good reason to be proud of it", said district administrator sebastian straubel (CSU/landvolk). He further emphasized: "you are an active association, which I wish for the future a good success and together for the good of our homeland." the mood of 1949 presented home chronicler hans-joachim lieb in broad strokes from the book "the pearl of the coburg countryside by wolfgang schunk. At that time, the community celebrated 800 years of monchroden monastery, its first major event after the war, with an impressive parade and festivities. And it was the time, when there was still the kino-karl, when the woman knoch led the traditional costume group and the "ed" was the most important one an enthusiastic sportsman was. Much remains to be done. To introduce the youth to the association will be the greatest task. However: "the strength for it is given to us from the love to the homeland", lieb was sure.

Priest i. R. Gunther bartholmeb quoted goethe and then said: "already over two generations the memory of what happened in the past and today’s love for our homeland monchroden-rodental are maintained. May our association also be able to make its contribution in the future." 70 years ago, after the war was lost, people tried to create economic foundations for their lives. "But they were also hungry for culture", emphasized bartholmeb.

Holger tischer’s dialect poems garnish the ceremony and harald tischer’s recital of the poem "monchroden by richard hauptmann love your heart with love of home. Gerhard preb, master of the castle of old, framed the cheerful festive evening on organ and piano. At the end of the event, organizer ingrid ott invited the guests to a buffet dinner.