Franconia-saxony express: railroad calls for dialogue

Franconia-Saxony express: railroad calls for dialogue

"As always in life, where there are challenges, you sit down at a table – and I’m confident that we’ll be doing that in the coming weeks.", said grube on monday in nurnberg. He is confident that a solution will be found. "Because where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if we want to move the project forward together, we’ll find a way", said pit.

The german railroad announced that it would discontinue the franken-sachsen-express next year due to cost considerations, prompting local politicians in upper franconia to take action. They point out that, in this case, upper franconia would only be connected to nurnberg by a regional express train that runs every two hours. The bundeslander sees the DB in the duty for the franken-sachsen-express.

Grube, on the other hand, is counting on commitment from saxony and bavaria, as he made clear in a letter to federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) the previous week. The two states now had to agree on a joint rescue concept and bear the costs for it, he had emphasized. Due to deficits, deutsche bahn is no longer prepared to operate the interregio service between nurnberg and dresden from 2013 onwards. This, together with the regional express, currently still provides a one-hour service on the route to and from upper franconia.