“Factory platform” returns to kronach

At the "werkbuhne fur den landkreis kronach" (theater for the district of kronach) there will be some changes in 2020. This was explained by director and chairman daniel leistner at the annual general meeting of the associated "werkbuhne e" association.V.": on the one hand, the theater will return to the county seat of kronach. On the other hand, the performances will no longer take place in the spring, but in the fall.

The whole thing is a return to the roots, after all, the origins of the "werkbuhne" lay in the past in kronach, and before the move to marktrodach in 2016, they had always played in autumn. "The date is simply better, because many more people go to the theater. Besides, there are less other groups playing at that time", daniel leistner explained the reasons for the move. At the previous venue in the restaurant "stegner’s" in marktrodach however, one had been fixed on the dates in march, since the hall is otherwise used elsewhere – therefore now the change of location.

Venue has been found

A new venue has already been found in the district town, but daniel leistner did not want to name it publicly yet, as a few things still have to be finalized. So far, no exact dates have been set. "But it will probably be november", he announced. More details will be announced shortly.

The piece is already selected: "being serious is everything by oscar wilde. "That will be really already, funny and exciting. I am very much looking forward to it", leistner said enthusiastically. The comedy is about two bachelors who invent an imaginary buddy named ernst. They use it as an excuse to travel regularly to the city or countryside to meet their loved ones. All kinds of hilarious entanglements and mix-ups then naturally developed around this lie. Daniel leistner looked back on the past year with satisfaction. In march, the 40th anniversary of the werkbuhne was celebrated with nine performances of the cult comedy "in der holle wird gescheuert" celebrated in a feast. Some members of the association had again visited plays of other, partly friendly, theater groups – for example in pegnitz, ludwigsstadt or coburg. The director was particularly pleased that the long-serving werkbuhnen players rainer grabner and julia knauer were leading the theater groups at kronach’s kaspar-zeub grammar school, thus challenging the next generation.

At the association "werkbuhne e.V." new elections were also held at the annual general meeting. The entire board of directors was unanimously confirmed in office.

Daniel leistner thus remains chairman of the association, his deputy julia knauer. Treasurer is still daniel fiedler. Cashiers oda grabner and veronika zipfel remain.