Dm new primus and offers jobs for people with schlecker expertise

Dm new primus and offers jobs for people with schlecker expertise

He is profiting from the bankruptcy of the previous industry leader schlecker, which had to close stores and lay off thousands of employees. Dm chairman erich harsch is convinced that many former schlecker customers now shop at his dm stores. At the same time, harsch stuck to his line of not saying an unkind word about the competitor, which had not been very popular in the past. He did, however, promise jobs to schlecker employees.

During the presentation of the half-year figures (up to 31 december), harsch pointed out that the. Marz) on tuesday in karlsruhe to the consistently high growth of the group. Sales in germany rose by 12.7 percent over the same period last year to 2.47 billion euros. Growth abroad was slightly lower at 4.5 percent. 862 million euros. At the end of the fiscal year, harsch wants to scratch the 5-billion-euro mark in germany. The group is traditionally silent on profits.

In the past twelve months, dm says it has created 3500 new jobs, 2700 of them in germany. Another 1500 are to be added by the end of the fiscal year. During this period, dm plans to open 60 new stores in germany alone and expand its network to 1306 locations.

This also offers opportunities for the occupations of the struggling competition, said harsch. "Some of our dm colleagues have even approached employees of schliebenden schlecker stores and encouraged them to apply for a job with us."Dm currently employs a total of around 40,000 people, of which just under 26,300 are in germany.

Harsch rejects claims that schlecker pays its employees better than dm. There is a wide bandwidth at the karlsruher chain. Branch managers, for example, could earn between 3,000 and more than 6,000 euros, depending on their experience. In addition, there are a number of additional payments such as vacation and christmas bonuses.

The karlsruher chain, however, does not want to push offensively into the hole that schlecker is leaving behind. For example, a far-reaching takeover of schlecker stores is out of the question. "More than 98 percent of these marks are far too small for our needs anyway," said harsch. At the same time, it criticized some competitors who are trying to profit from the weakness of the long-standing industry leader with "sometimes aggressive advertising campaigns".

The authors did not want to respond to dirk robmann’s challenge – "i always like to be so close that the number one can take my breath away". He simply referred to the figures: "dm is without doubt the fastest-growing company in the sector, both in terms of absolute sales figures and, in particular, even more clearly in terms of drugstore market share."