Consciously taking the future into his own hands

consciously taking the future into his own hands

36 young people were dismissed from their school life at the heiligkreuzschule coburg. Class 9a, class teacher ludwig scherer, said goodbye to 18 former students. All of them had passed the intermediate school leaving certificate and twelve of them even the qualifying educational certificate.

Half of these graduates will go straight into vocational training, the other half will continue to attend school. Nine will become gardeners, carpenters, mechatronics engineers and electronics technicians or find their way in a different career path. Nine students are pursuing a school career that will take them through V (preparatory) classes in two years or M classes in one year in order to obtain the intermediate school-leaving certificate.

18 graduates from the 9ecn (extra opportunities) class, taught by caroline platsch, were also dismissed. All had also achieved the middle school diploma here, nine the qualifying middle school diploma. One person will complete an FSJ (voluntary social year), one will attend a vocational integration class, three will go to a vocational preparation year and 13 will aim for a dual apprenticeship or switch to a V-class.

Here, too, the six best graduates were honored and rewarded for their achievements. From 9a these were: chimezirim ijebuonwu (grade point average 1.7) – he is going into the V class, jaimy kaufmann (1.8) – she is going into the M10 class, daniel sterzer (2.2) – he is going into the M class. From class 9ecn these were: emre oczan (2.1) – he will attend V classes, marcel kutyniok (2.3) is doing a carpentry apprenticeship at the company buttner, luis schuch (2.5) is doing an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at the company ros.

Principal jochen grobmann motivated the young people with the saying: "you can't change the wind, but you can set the sails right", taking your future life into your own hands successfully and consciously and setting the sails of life correctly. Coburg's mayor norbert tessmer uber called on the young people to shape their lives, to remain open and curious and willing to learn, and to adapt to the digital professional world that is likely to change rapidly.

The chairwoman of the parents' council, brigitte fleibner, attested to the former students: "you have experienced a lot together and you have grown with your tasks. Always set new goals for your life and do not lose sight of them.". Nastasja keller, the class representative and school spokeswoman, moderated the evening and briefly brought back various impressions of the past school years. Three young dancers from the cheerleader show enriched the closing ceremony with their partly acrobatic performance.