Boccia is now played in reith

Boccia is now played in reith

The town hall meeting in reith, a village with a population of 386, was well attended and lasted an impressive three and a half hours. Currently, in reith, the site clearance for the expansion of the company ACO in the industrial area is underway. At the reither muhle a new solar light and in the fire station a new heating system were installed, the costs for this amounted to about 30 000 euro. At the sports field, the playground was spared and a bocce court was built, a pergola was renewed through the regional budget. Another project is the renewal of the wooden walkway at the reither muhle "thulbataler" to.

Debate about council decision

The statements of mayor mario gotz were followed by a discussion. Werner lamer said that his proposal for the construction of a photovoltaic plant had been dealt with in five minutes at the municipal council meeting. A dazzling effect, like that of the 2. Burgermeister had presented, there was not. Mayor gotz pointed out that this had already been discussed in the non-public part due to property issues. "Since I was directly attacked, I would like to clarify that when letters to the editor are written, they must also correspond to the truth", argued jurgen kolb. He argued that a photovoltaic system that is almost as large as the village next to it is simply oversized. Due to the location of the flats, the landscape has also been disturbed immensely. Sascha markert said that there were enough roof areas that could be used.

No litter bins

Berthold glockner liked to have litter bins at the oak tree near the schutzhutte and on the way to frankenbrunn. Gotz pointed out the decision that no waste bins would be installed. Hikers brought the things with them and could take them home again in the same form.

At ACO, the development plan specifies an industrial area, simone kreile answered manfred schneider’s question. "The ACO company has always been attentive to the needs of the citizens", said gotz. Rainer schmelz wanted to know whether the bottle banks would remain where they are now. "That’s a joke – just because one person complained", there was an exclamation from the floor. Tobias blum justified the new location in the commercial area as an added value for the town center. Many people had not complied with the drop-off times, and many other things had been deposited there. The responsibility for waste disposal lies with the district. The locations could be suggested there and had to be suitable. The decision, however, does not lie with the municipality alone, said head of the business department nicole wehner.

Speeders in the local thoroughfare

It is true that the local thoroughfare has now been upgraded – but now no one will stick to the 50 km/h speed limit, jorg bohnsack demanded solutions for the local thoroughfare. Dog excrement was also a topic at the meeting. Every community had dog waste dispensers, but not ours, noted markus strauch. The market town council had spoken out against the installation of these dog waste bag stations and had discussed them intensively in advance. Every two to three days these containers had to be emptied and that was not a pleasant task, said gotz. "I was also against it, the costs of these bag stations are very high and I think that this money and the hours of the employees of our building yard can be better used elsewhere", agreed local commissioner julian ziegler.

Space problems at the christmas tree sale?

Markus emmerth wanted to know whether the sun sail at the school in thulba could be taken down again. With the associations, which use the place had not been spoken before. It could be tight for example with the christmas tree sale, which had to be cancelled then.

Village well could be costly

There used to be five fountains in reith. In the neuwirtshauser strabe, there should be another one in front of the freezing plant, but that had not happened yet, gunter muller interjected. There is still water available, unfortunately it could not be collected as planned, because this was only possible over a private property. The detour across the municipality’s land had to be equipped with a lifting station "this is an extremely costly affair for a village well. That’s why it hasn’t been implemented yet", explained bernd wald.

Rainer werner thanked for the support of the community for the construction of the boccia field and dominik buschelberger for the installation of the heating system in the fire station. "With the photovoltaic systems on roofs, I wonder why the municipality has not done this long ago. I don’t understand it, it was a way to make money or save money", audited manfred schneider. The alliance is currently working on this issue, according to mayor gotz.

The cycle path from hassenbach to oberthulba had been on the "promilleweg" the report should have been built in a more ecological way, because not so much land would have been sealed up, manfred schneider demanded. This solution had already been examined in the cycle path concept of the district of bad kissingen and had been classified as unsuitable due to the gradient. Wehner explained that the slope was particularly difficult for children and the elderly.